State of the Albanian Autocephalous Orthodox Church after 1990


From the year 1990, major political changes took place all over the World, especially in the Soviet Union and in the Balkans, which affected start of changes in other aspects of society as well. For many nations this period represents the transfer period from one system to another. In fact, it represents transfer from local and national mentality to the global one, hence, from a communist (monist) system into a democratic one. In comparison to communism, democracy was proved to be more favorable for the religious life. In a word, religion and in general religious activities reappeared in the democratic system. On the other hand, in global aspect, it is the time when first steps for change from modern into postmodern times occur. From a period when religion was ignored to a period when religion plays important role in every day life of the society. Post-modern times are characterized with a very important phenomena and that is the globalization, which includes two major facts. Firstly, it wants to dominate whole world politically, economically and socially. Secondly, globalization intends to increase the influence, dependence and mutual relation between states and societies all over the world. Mutual dependency, which is growing with the globalization, continuously makes ones life dependent on decisions and news that are coming from far places. In the beginning of the XXI century even developed and powerful countries had to deal with the issue of the mutual dependency. National states, which have fixed borders, are forced to deal with the unlimited influence of communication’s technology, peoples move, deteriorations and regional conflicts, international associations/organizations and other economical problems.

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